Win with Steroid Junkie

Ready to get that perfect abs, or lose the weight, but need a little motivation?Well, how does a R1500.00 sound? 

Good? Then read on, bud!

How to enter:


1.) Buy available Olympus Pharma cycles and/or products worth R500.00 or more. 

2.) Send a before image with an A4 page with the word Before written on it. (Yes, you are welcome to hide your face, but you need to position yourself in the same spot for the after photo. There should be a resemblance in both photos.)

3.) Run your cycle. Give it your best! 

4.) Send us an After image with an A4 page with the word AFTER written on it.

5.) A winner will be chosen by the Steroid Junkie team and will be informed by a private email.

Nitty gritty stuff: We will never use your photos or give out personal information. We will not make your name public - This is a friendly competition between Steroid Junkie and our clients. Steroid Junkie will be fair and their decision will be final.


Run Time of competition: 1 June 2022 - 10 August 2022.

Get your abs on!