So you might be thinking, "Gosh, where have you been all my life, Steroid Junkie?" ... but let's get some things clarified first.


1.) By purchasing from us you confirm that you are 18 years or older, right?

2.) It's pretty simple - Jy kies hom die produk wat jy soek en gooi hom by die trolley. ( Choose the product and add to cart.)

3.) Pick more products as you wish.

4.) Add all them stuffies to your cart.

5.) You check out and fill in all that needed nonsense info and blah blah.(Please make sure your details are filled in correctly, as we will not be held responsible for deliveries to a wrong address stipulated on your account.)

6.) You make your payment via normal EFT into the account from the banking details that will be provided via email.

7.) After you have made the payment, please forward your proof of payment to sjnutritionsa@gmail.com. 

8.) Sit back and relax, orders take 2-3 days to process, depending on stock availability. Please note that ordering through us, you automatically agree that we can replace your product with a different brand where there's no stock available of the brand chosen. We promise that we will not replace it, unless we deem it necessary. We will not replace the product, only the brand. (Example. UPA replaced with OLYMPUS) 

9.) You will receive an email with your tracking info. To track your parcel, simply go onto the courier services' website, enter your waybill number we have provided, and click submit. Please note that it is your responsibility to track your order, as we can not track 40+ parcels per day. If you have issues with your parcel, please send us a message. 

10.) You get your order delivered to your physical address.

11.) You tell your boet from Brakpan how lekke lekke the site is and tell them to "Get jacked, boet!"